tr/y not deleting chars? 
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 tr/y not deleting chars?

I have the following simple script which does not do what I expect it
to do.... I want `$pre' to contain the prefix (`TEST') and `$num' to
contain the numeric portion (`012').   The output follows the script.
Am I doing something wrong or is there really something wrong with
`tr'?  I've gotten around the problem using the `s' command so I don't
need help with that....                         --Tad

----------------------------Heres the Script--------------------------
$test = "TEST012";
($pre = $test) =~ y/0-9//d;
($num = $test) =~ y/A-Z//d;
printf("prefix=%s        number=%s\n",$pre,$num);
----------------------------Heres the Output--------------------------
$Header: perly.c,v 91/01/11 18:22:48 lwall Locked $
Patch level: 44

prefix=TEST012        number=TEST012

Tue, 24 Aug 1993 09:00:13 GMT  
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