Looking for system/network administration scripts written in perl/ksh 
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 Looking for system/network administration scripts written in perl/ksh

Before I completely remake the world...

I am interested in developing a series of System Administration scripts,
written in Perl used/useful for maintaining and managing multiple systems
in a netork environment. Our NOC, like Topsy, has kind-of-just-growed.
We've been using an assortment of in-house written "stuff" that is now
approaching 5 years in age and, needless to say, is less that robust or
"conformant" with today's technology. I'm contemplating, out of necessity,
re-doing/building/defining the way our NOC does business.

In particular, I happen to have 6 DECstation 5000/3100s which are providing
"network infrastructure services" - nameserver, mail-MX (CMDF), time service,
nntpserver, DEC's Message router gateway, whois database, X.500 MDA/MUA, as
well as a number of locally written applications. Ingres is our data base
of choice (we have a full license - beyond the Ultrix SQL) and I use the
PSI (NyserNet) SNMP package. We use Micro Technology Extabyte 8500s to
do remote backups of certain nodes.

Additionally, we run in a (hopefully) C2 environment, so things based
on "r commands" won't work easily, although I have a modified rshd which
can be used to allow explicitly specified commands to be executed.

I am also responsible for fun things like Cisco Routers,Annex
(XYlogics) Terminal servers, Cabletron MMACs, a 15 nocde ATT ISN,

Fortunately, at least at the moment, I don't have to worry about software
publishing across these nodes, but I do have to worry aobut configuration

So, what I am looking for are scripts that monitor stuff...
        file system usage, error logs, etc
Scripts that extract useful information from logs (like the collective syslog)
        mail usage statistics, nntp usage stats, annex usage, etc
Scripts that generate meaningful usage rports (I have "S" but have not yet
tried to use it) preferrably in graph format.
Useful Modifications of "well known utilities" - like COPS - to do other
"more mundane" tasks
And last but not least, system resource utilization scripts - better known
as accounting. I need to be able to monitor things about system utilization
for the "normal" managerial functions of "replacement, augmentation"
prediction, level-of-service reports, etc.

Scripts that INTERPRET "stuff" - ie AI, "kind-of-epxpert-system-lik stuff"
and either generate "the right" "error messages" or otherwise make life
easier in the "what the hell happened" mode of operation. (often called
"dump busters" but I have virtually no interest in "bit pushing" problems,
It's up to the vendor to fix kernal bugs, I don't have the time.)

I'll start off with perl-users and big-lan to see what king of response I
get. I'm more than willing to colletct these things and make them available
to others. Hoewever, lacking a TARDIS, I will probably simply put them up
for anonymous FTP access if others are interested.

William H. Magill                         Manager, PennNet Technical Services
Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS)  University of Pennsylvania

Mon, 04 Jul 1994 21:40:21 GMT  
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