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 making 'perl' (help)


>| Output from "make":
>|         atscc   array.o cmd.o cons.o consarg.o doarg.o doio.o dolist.o dump.o
>| eval.o form.o hash.o malloc.o perly.o regcomp.o regexec.o stab.o str.o toke.o
>| util.o perl.o usersub.o -lseq  -o perl
>| Undefined:

>It looks like you aren't getting -ldbm and -lm in your command line.
>Are you using the latest Perl (3.044 or 4.0 beta)?

I agree. Did you run Configure?


You will have to have to change the line which says


This changes the line in config.h
#define         CASTNEGFLOAT    /**/
/*#undef        CASTNEGFLOAT    /**/

For some reason that Configure can't figure out,
not doing this causes problems. You will either get
floating point exceptions, or other random complaints.

In particular, the tcbreak script in h2pl won't work.

I have tried this with 3.044 with both cc and atscc.
I have also tried 4.0beta with atscc only.
All on an S81 running dynix

>Someone with a name like yours ought to always have the latest Perl. :-)

Yeah, and the latest man too. Sequent's doesn't support MANPATH.
However, they do compress the cat files, which is nice.

                unknown mode: sane

Mon, 16 Aug 1993 04:52:43 GMT  
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