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 Perl availability

I am an employee of LSI Logic Italy, working in Milan as Design Tools Support
I read about Perl on the SunExpert magazine (April 1991).
I am very interested in trying  Perl to implement some of the numerous
and typically very "heavy" text-processing procedures involved in analyzing
simulation results of CMOS ASICS design.
How can I have access to it? Not via ftp: I tried it already, but I can't
reach your network.
As you can see, this mail has travelled a long way to get there; I don't trust
automatically generated response addresses, so please try also:

Thanks for your attention,

Massimo Verita
LSI Logic S.p.A.
Pal. Orione,1
Centro Direzionale Colleoni
20041 Agrate Brianza - MI Italy
Tel. +39-39-6056881
Fax. +39-39-6057867

Tue, 29 Mar 1994 23:04:27 GMT  
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