MIME::Parse and MIME::Entity 
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 MIME::Parse and MIME::Entity

Please help me this is driving me off my rocker!

got a program that loops through files in a directory...
each time in the loop i have a .... new MIME::Parser, .. blah bla blah.
each time through it also creates a new directory called ./mime-$file
that directory is used for the output_dir... blah blah..
my problem is this, very simple to explain, hard to understand why:
it counts the message parts continuisly into the loop each time, it calls a
NEW parse, and
parses the file into a completely seperate directory each time, however the
parts are numbers as msg-1 msg-2 then the next time through the loop will go
to the new directory and start at 3 and 4, etc... it wont restart to 1 each
time i do a new MIME::Parser, and MIME::Entity!
if you cannot undestand what i mean i'm trying my best to explain  this is


Sat, 07 Aug 2004 11:54:26 GMT  
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