ANNOUNCE: Tcl Dynamic Loader package version 0.1 
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 ANNOUNCE: Tcl Dynamic Loader package version 0.1


>Tcl Dynamic Loader

>See TclDL.doc for detailed specification.

>Note that, to be effective, the TclDL package must be _statically_
>linked into TCL!

>This interface is based on the work of perl5.000's DynaLoader module
>(in no particular order): Larry Wall, Robert Sanders, Dean Roehrich,
>Jeff Okamoto, Anno Siegel, Thomas Neumann, Paul Marquess, Charles Bailey
>and others.

It's a funny old world.  What's that expression?, 'plagiarism is the
sincerest form of flattery' (or something like that).

When I was designing the perl DynaLoader interface I did look into the
early work done for tcl dynamic loading. (In the end very little carried
over, although I did try to allow for a form of pseudo-static linking).

[ I think the reason my name does not appear on the list above is
  that I wrote the document it was copied from :-) I would appreciate
  a mention in later versions ;-) ]

>The current version (0.1) only supports:
>    dld     for the dld library (3.2.5) functions (linux, ?)


>dlopen      --> sun os, solaris, ...

GNU dld for linux is on the way out. Latest versions of Linux support
ELF format objects and the, fast becoming standard, dlopen() function.
dlopen() is much easier to support.

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Tim Bunce.

Fri, 29 Aug 1997 21:04:02 GMT  
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