Perl/Tk GUI blocked on a read access 
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 Perl/Tk GUI blocked on a read access

Dear Perl/Tk hackers,

I am quite lost at the time.
I developped a small perl/Tk application, and I don't know how to solve
following problem.
I want to redirect the output of a process to one of the Text widgets I
have in my GUI.
To do this, I wrote following...

        open FD, "simu_to_redirect |";

        while (<FD>){
                $text->insert('end', $_);   # text widget where I plan
                                            # to write the simu result
                $root->update;              # should update the GUI an
                                            # allow the user to click
                                            # on other widgets

The problem with this code is that simu_to_redirect outputs data
sporadically, and in the meantime my GUI is not refreshed (because we
are blocked on the read statement, before the update).
I tried to play with the sysopen()/select() functions, but without

I am sure it is a common problem, but I need your help!
Code snippets would also be welcome!

Thanx in advance!

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Mon, 22 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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