Looking for advice on using URL::URI module 
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 Looking for advice on using URL::URI module

I am attempting to use the URL::URI module under an odd configuration,
and having problems.  I AM NOT looking for a solution from the group--
this is likely to be a difficult problem to solve--but would appreciate
it if people could point me to helpful tools or documentation.

Basically, I would like to use the features of the module to fetch
data from web sites, so I can put together an automated Web "crawler".
That is pretty standard.  However, my connection to the Internet
is from a Linux box over the "term" program, as I don't have slip
available. This causes me to have to do some weird things for
Web connections.  In particular, I run a hacked version of CERN
httpd (hacked to connect to term, I guess--I must confess I was
given it by a friend), and set the proxies in Netscape to go
through "localhost" on port 1080, for ftp, http, and gopher.

(As a side note, here is something UNIX gurus might be able to help
me with, if you have the time. I use port 1080 because I need to run
the hacked httpd as myself in order for it to work, so no privileged
ports.  This doesn't really make sense to me--after all, if I
run it SUID root, it should have all the privileges it has when
run from my own account, and I know that Netscape does make contact
with it--however I always get a "can't locate site such and such"
when httpd is run suid root. If anyone wants to offer suggestions,
they'd be welcomed and made to feel at home :-) )

So that's the situation.  As I say, I'm not looking for a solution,
but hints as to where to start reading would be great.

Ken McDonald

Sun, 18 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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