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Hi all,

I have a client in San Mateo, CA, who has built a web site tracking system
(focused on marketing functions) in Perl. They need a good Perl developer to
review this system and help them decide whether to s{*filter*}it and purchase an
off the shelf system, or enhance the existing homegrown system, or redesign
the homegrown system from scratch. If anyone is in the area and would be
interested in taking on this challenge please email me your resume or give
me a call.

Additional details:

Job Length and Terms:        3 month contract to hire
Pay Rate:                            $50 - 60/hr
Start Date:                           ASAP

Angel Luis Rodriguez
Technical Recruiter
International Programming and Systems, Inc.
A member of the Eurolink Group

(800) 229-8585 toll free
(650) 572-8585 xt 229
(650) 572-8679 fax

Mon, 07 Jul 2003 07:30:56 GMT  
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