Multi-column format? 
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 Multi-column format?

Say I have some associative arrays, %a %b and %c.
They keys for them are all the same.  I want to create
a multi-columned report, like this:

                        %a      %b      %c
                        ----    ----    ----

        Name            moe     larry   curly
        Age             35      40      50
        ...             ...     ...     ...

Of course, if there were a %d %e and %f they'd go on page 2,
and so on.  I'd like some automated FORMAT way to do this,
but I can't see how to get FORMAT to think in a "horizontal"
way, only a "vertical" way, if you get my meaning.

I've RTFM'd and FAQ'd, but no luck.  

Suggestions?  TIA,
David Mostardi                                 (510) 540-6400

Accordions don't play "Lady of Spain", *people* play "Lady of Spain".

Tue, 16 Jul 1996 07:28:58 GMT  
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