Expat XML:Parser install and Running ActivePerl and IndigoPerl 
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 Expat XML:Parser install and Running ActivePerl and IndigoPerl

This is really two questions in one...

From looking through some older postings I realise that many people
have had the same problem, however I haven't managed to find a

The problem is trying to install Expat and then XML Praser. I am using
Windows ME, and downloaded the pre compiled file for windows (as I
don't have a C compiler or any experince with C) and simply run the
setup, by default it suggested that I Install it in C:/Expat.../, not
knowing any better I did.

I then unzipped XML::praser and tried to run makeFile, However it
returns an error saying that it can't find Expat and that I have to
install it first, or, that if I have put it in a different directory
then the default one (doesn't say what the default is) I should
specify the path, I have tried to this but it isn't working.

Can anybody give a step by step guide to how to install Expat and then
Parser? I am quite a newbee, so please explain in simple terms.

The most useful help I have seen so far was a message saying that
XML:Parser comes as 'part of the package' with ActivePerl, so this
leads on two my second question.

I have installed IndigoPerl and the Apache server that comes with it.
How do I now install ActivePerl together with this?

Is there any point to keep IndigoPerl as well as ActivePerl?
Can I use the Apache webserver with ActivePerl as well or do I need
something different?

Where would I install it does it go in the same folder as IndigoPerl
or should  I put it somewhere different?

Hope anyone can help.

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 00:51:21 GMT  
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