Utility to update "group", "passwd" files, (in spite of) NIS 
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 Utility to update "group", "passwd" files, (in spite of) NIS

A while ago I was looking in here for an updated version of
Larry Wall's "passwd" program in Perl that dealt with Yellow Pages,
as well as a program that would allow a user to add/delete members
from his/her own group, etc.  I got one response, and looked at
what they had (I believe it was called "gred", I forget now),
but it worked by allowing client systems to connect to a socket,
and allowed both group and passwd changes based on that.

As this didn't fit into my environment, (and I didn't trust the
security of these socket connections), I wrote another version of it.
I took Larry Wall's passwd program, ripped the back-end out of it,
and used a seperate program for updating the actual passwd and group
databases, either locally, or across a network to the Yellow Pages
source machine.  (It doesn't actually use the NIS update facilities,
as they seemed to vary in capability between the Suns, SGIs, VAX, HP,
and Pyramid that we have here).  It also provides the capability to
keep passwd databases in sync between NIS and non-NIS systems, which
is pretty handy here.

As far as "group" is concerned, the program allows a user to add
another user (or delete a user) to/from any group that they are in,
(unless it's a low-numbered group, in which case only "root" can do it).
I've always been amazed that groups were not used more in large UNIX
installations, especially with large software projects over time...
Along with that, a Perl version of "finger", "chfn", "chsh" and "chhome"
are included, just for completeness.

Now, with npasswd, passwd+, and various others out there, is there
sufficient interest in posting it to alt.sources?  (We're not on the
Internet, sorry...)

Raytheon Company, Submarine Signal Division, Portsmouth, RI

Tue, 28 Mar 1995 01:27:08 GMT  
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