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 Perl class at Cal Extension

I was mildly surprised to see that University at the University of
California at Berkeley is offering a Perl class next quarter (Wednesdays
6-9pm in Menlo Parl).  It says that "Perl is a new programming language
that combines the best features of C, awk, sed, and various shell
programming languages into a powerful and flexible language that is being
used by more and more people in the UNIX community."

Although many classes provide computer access, this one doesn't so you have
to have access to a Unix machine.  If you don't, and you have a PC, they
will provide you with an DOS version.  I'm sure that if Larry were dead
he'd be turning in his grave at the thought.

It's in the department of electronic and computer engineering, and they
haven't yet decided whether to gice academic credit for it.



Mon, 05 Jun 1995 12:11:21 GMT  
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