Big Perl and Windows 95 problem opening network files 
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 Big Perl and Windows 95 problem opening network files

I am curious if anyone has seen a problem I am having when opening files
on an NT server from Big Perl (latest edition) running under Win95 (build 501)?

Every once in a while, an open fails with the message:

     Unexpected error reading drive x:
     Abort Retry Fail?

Typing "R" usually doesn't help, unless you deactivate the current window, then
reactivate it, in which case, typing R always allows the program to continue as
if nothing bad happened.

If you've seen the problem before, I'd appreciate hearing from you,
particularly if you have any clue as to what causes it.  It appears to be
related to the network load, maybe.


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Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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