Majordomo won't work with OSF/1 2.0 
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 Majordomo won't work with OSF/1 2.0

I'm having trouble getting Majordomo 1.92 to work on my DEC AXP box running
DEC OSF/1 version 2.0.  If I run the "majordomo" perl script manually, as
root, I get a core dump from perl telling me I have a segmentation fault.
Here's what I get from attempts to run majordomo via the alias file:

sh: 16979 Memory fault
554 "|/usr/local/majordomo/wrapper majordomo"... unknown mailer error 139

It is unclear if this is a perl bug or a majordomo bug.  I picked up the
patches to Perl 4.036 from[123], and rebuilt
perl but that doesn't help.  Perl still fails two of it's tests:

        io/fs..........FAILED on test 18
        op/ routines not implemented at ./op/groups.t line 11.
        FAILED on test 1

But I don't know if it's important.

Any help would be very much appreciated, as I needed to have majordomo up
and running two days ago!


(I hope I picked a reasonable followup group...)
 James W. Williams                      NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

 +1 301 286-1131                        Greenbelt, MD 20771

Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:55:34 GMT  
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