On FTP archive: RDB (Relational Database Management) 
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 On FTP archive: RDB (Relational Database Management)

The RDB system (implemented in PERL) is now available via anonymous
ftp from: rand.org. It is "pub/RDB.shar.Z".

I developed this system on a SUN 4/60, SunOS 4.1.1, using PERL 4.010.
I don't know exactally which version of PERL is required since we
always try to run the latest version here. Also RDB might not run
as "fast" on other computers, I haven't had the time to test this.

The system is NOT finished, and is still under development; however
we are using it here on various projects and I know of no current

Some operators were written in response to an urgent need so there
may be an apparent difference of 'finish' on the various operators.

If there are questions or problems please email me directly.
Feedback is encouraged.  I will be updating the code as I have time.

Walt Hobbs

Tue, 11 Jan 1994 02:14:23 GMT  
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