Modification of command line arguments 
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 Modification of command line arguments

I'm currently writing a perl script to convert C++ subclasses
written against an old version of our library to match the most
current release.  I've written the script to actually perform the
code conversion, however the interface I'm providing to the users
is very sloppy.

The problem is this:
        1. multiple code files:
        2. each of these files needs to be processed slightly differently.

I currently have multiple scripts, the basic syntax being:
        foo xxx.C > blah

What I'd **really** like to be able to do is:

        foo xxx

which would create the appropriate backup files
and then perform the appropriate filtering on the base files.

From years of hacking sed/awk, etc, I know I can do this by brute force,
but I'd rather do it the right way in perl.  Can anyone provide guidance
on how to approach this (or perhaps point me in the right direction in the
camel book?)


steve misek

Sun, 03 Mar 1996 01:16:59 GMT  
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