Bad free() messages 
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 Bad free() messages

Has anyone seen the message:

Bad free() ignored at (eval) line 1, <PGM> line 1.

What does this mean?  Can this only occur on something
with an 'eval' in it, or can these occur elsewhere?
All my evals are of the form:

where $variable_list is a comma separated list of variable names.

Once the location of the problem is found, how does one
correct it.  I had another 'Bad free() ignored ..'  message
occur on the second line of the following:

$tmp= ....long string...;       # set the substitution string
$string =~ s=%D=$tmp=g;         # substitute all %D's

This was fixed by shuffling the 'local' lines at the
beginning of the subroutine.

Oh, BTW I'm using

$RCSfile: perl.c,v $$Revision: $$Date: 91/06/10 01:23:07 $
Patch level: 10
on SunOS 4.1

Rich Mahn
Starnet Connections


Tue, 29 Mar 1994 23:33:59 GMT  
 Bad free() messages


>Has anyone seen the message:

>Bad free() ignored at (eval) line 1, <PGM> line 1.

yes, I have.  Like you, it was fixed by my removing some local()
declarations (mine were filehandle namespace globs).

>This was fixed by shuffling the 'local' lines at the
>beginning of the subroutine.

Jeffrey A. Sullivan             | Associate Happy Camper

Sat, 02 Apr 1994 04:58:09 GMT  
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