wanted - perl manual in "info" format 
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 wanted - perl manual in "info" format

I've been trying to figure out how to use perl for a while, and the
manpage on our system doesn't help, being mostly a list of perl
commands, not the tutorial I require.  The local bookstores here don't
have the perl text, and ordering it would take a while.  By any chance
is there an alternate to the manpage-style manual?  (The easiest might
be an "info" node for the FSF info manual program.)

The manpage I have was printed 3apr91, so it's a touch old.  In search
of a newer manual, I tried downloading the perl tarfile from mit.edu
but I got a checksum error, so I don't know if a better manual exists.

Could some kind person point me toward an ftp location of a manual
that is considered comprehensible by normal users?

Dalhousie University                  |  {uunet watmath}!dalcs!kelley
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, B3H 4J1 |  (902) 494-1694

Fri, 09 Dec 1994 08:23:53 GMT  
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