Plum for linux ? 
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 Plum for linux ?

I'm in the process of moving my mail from SunOS to linux.  Unfortunately,
I read my mail using plum, and don't have a working under Linux.

I tried to extract the relevant portions of /usr/lib/perl/linux/
( was missing; the stock perl 4.035 c2ph gets unhappy with a lot
of the header files, looks like GCC is putting out stabs which don't
translate back to a valid 'C' type) and generate the missing bits by
hand, but ended up with something that didn't recognize the number of
rows and columns, and didn't go into raw mode (keystrokes were still
echoed and line buffered)

Before I spend more time on this, does anyone have a working
for plum under Linux?

Kill your television

Sun, 23 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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