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 Elections script

I would like to know is there's any Perl Script out there that will allow me
to input elections ballot results and the script will display graphs and the
winning party real-time on the Internet.

Our Community will have the annual Board of Director elections next month.
Each party has approx 30 to candidates, and there are 3 or 4 "political"
parties and some independents. The candidates who get the most votes are
elected, and the party that gets the most candidates elected (max 24), gets
the control of the community center and the rest (other 24) go to the
opposition. And the others go home...

Ballots will be counted by hand. We anticipate approx 1500 voters.

So, is there any way to enter this data and have the Community election
results LIVE on the Internet. (Much like the Federal election results that
are diplayed live on TV and on the Net)

I searched the CGI Ressources Index http://www.*-*-*.com/
nothing meets my criteria. Most (if not all) voting perl scripts have to do
with web page visitors voting on the net. In my case, Ballots are
hand-counted and all I need is to enter values in order to get the graphs
and percentage of winning seats.

Any help for such a perl script will be greatly appreciated, since I look
forward to broadcast our community elections LIVE on my web pages.

The script will have to take into account the number of votes that each
candidate got and to wich party he belongs in order to predict which party
will govern. And the same script has to be able to show cadidate individual
voting results as well as political cumulative votes.

When there are elctions CNN has this script up on their website. Another
example was durring the Greek elections where real-time results were at:

I'm looking for something similar,

Thanks in advance,

Sun, 29 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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