Problem with setuid scripts. 
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 Problem with setuid scripts.

Hi Friends,

I have a peculiar problem.  I have a set of perl scripts which have their
setuid/setgid bits on.  I used the suidscript (from the Camel book)
for creating a C wrapper on these scripts.  The perl scripts also have the
-U switch set. i.e

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -U

The scripts worked fine with my system, which is a SunOS version 4.1.3 (sun4c).
A 'uname -a' command on this m/c gives:

SunOS falcon 4.1.3 1 sun4c

The same scripts do not work on a system with SunOS version 4.1.3 (sun4m).
A 'uname -a' command on this m/c gives:

SunOS topaz 4.1.3_U1 2 sun4m

On this m/c, it gives the following error message:

        Can't run setuid script with taint checks.

When I changed /usr/local/bin/perl to /usr/local/bin/taintperl,
I get the error message:

        Insecure PATH at /home/codeup/bin/ line 51.

I checked the permissions of the perl scripts, these are:

        -r-xr-xr-x  1 eashwar staff         17385 Jul 21 17:59
        -r-sr-sr-x  1 eashwar staff         24576 Jul 21 17:59

These permissions are the same as on my system.  I can't find out why the
scripts work fine on my m/c and don't work at all in the other m/c.

Can any one please help me out?



Org  : Hinditron Tektronix Instruments Ltd. India.


Sat, 11 Jan 1997 23:03:58 GMT  
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