Multiple dbmopen()'s at once (perl4) 
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 Multiple dbmopen()'s at once (perl4)

The man page says that you can have multiple files dbmopen()'ed if your
system supports it.  When I built perl I don't recall specifying dbm or
ndbm, but when I write a simple test program it seems that I can have
multiple open at once.  Since SunOS 4.1.x's dbm is a front-end to ndbm,
I assume that my successful were not just a coincidence.

I nm'ing perl to see if any ndbm references popped up but it didn't
find anything:
% nm perl | egrep dbm
00066f94 B _dbmkey
00066f90 B _dbmlen
0004a564 T _hdbmclose
0004a450 T _hdbmopen
0004a5b4 T _hdbmstore

Is there a way to tell if "the system supports it"?  That is, will the
program gracefully die if someone runs this program on a machine that
only has dbm?  Can I made a test-case that I could eval to to prevent
this program from running on old dbm systems?


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