Help with complex data structures (please) 
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 Help with complex data structures (please)

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Also, comp.lang.perl is a 'dead' group. You should take your questions
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And now back to your regularly scheduled posting:


> A list can only contain scalar values. A reference is a scalar but a
> hash is not.

Yes, but he's putting a value into a hash -- he doesn't have a list.

> When you use syntax such as ( Attributes => %ClassAttributes ) the
> %ClassAttributes hash will be evaluated in a list context and will
> be replaced by a list of its key value pairs.

Bzzt. Sorry, but no. Hash values are scalars, so when you do something
like (A => %B) the %B will be evaluated in a *scalar* context, not as a
list. For hashes, this seems pretty bizzare, and indeed gives you
odd-seeming results: something that looks like '5/8' This value is
actually the number of buckets used/allocated for your hash. (e.g. 5 of
8) The behavior, however odd, is well defined and documented in

> If you use (Attributes => \%ClassAttributes) the \%ClassAttributes
> reference will be evaluated as a scalar.

Well, yes, because references are scalars. Right answer, just didn't
take the right path there. ;)


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