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 Regexp.compile in perl

A lot of people seem to be complaining that perl does not have
regular expresson compiling seperate from reqular expression
evaluating.  For some specialized applications those two would
be very nice to have seperate, but 90% of the time perl's method
works and is much easier to explain.

It occured to me that with perl 5 Larry gave us the ability to add
any feature we feel is missing without cluttering the language.
What if someone wrote a perl 5 extension that provided another
interface to perl's own regular expression package?  I assume it
has regcomp and regexec...

Something like:

require Regex;

$r = new Regex q{(?x)
                long expression};

$foo = "long string";

if ($r->match($foo)) {
        do something;


undef $r;       # free memory of compiled Regex

(or the about with normal function calls.)

We could do arrays of precompiled expressions, recompile expression only when needed,
not use eval...

Anyone know how to call perl's REs?

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Sat, 03 May 1997 00:41:48 GMT  
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