Made my first perl CGI ... having problems :^) 
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 Made my first perl CGI ... having problems :^)

Hi there.  I've been learning perl and I just made my first CGI script -
I've got an account with hypermart, and I can't get the script to work!
I'm pretty sure the main html page is working correctly, but when it
calls the CGI script, I get a 404 (can't find file error)!  I'm pretty
sure it can't find my .cgi file, but I'm not sure where I should place
it in my directory.  All of the files in my account are placed in the
root directory.  Here are links to:

1) the main page
2)  the code to my cgi script
3) the current location of my script
4) the file it accesses


Bob Young :^)

PS: I know the page and script could use some improvement, but I was
just trying to get the basic thing working first before I went
overboard.  :^)  The script is supposed to take a text file represented
an exported query from access, check it for matches with the users
search criteria and returns a list of the matched records in an html

Wed, 18 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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