Archiving (old) email: Software solutions? 
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 Archiving (old) email: Software solutions?

: Hi All,

: I am planning to burn all my old email (currently still stored in
: many pine folders onmy hard disk) onto CDROM to free up the diskspace
: and preserve the data.

Ok, I had some more thoughts about this and come up with this possible solution:

1. Run all my collected email folders through
        ... | formail -Y -D <large number> idcache -s cat > YYYY/MM/DD/message-ID

   to weed out duplicates that may have accumulated in different folders.

   The above will likely be done in a directory structure
   I'm still trying to figure out how to extract the M-ID from one mail
   in the same step, so that I can pass it to the command called by -s.

2. write some perl script that reads all emails and creates an index
   listing each message by
        - From:/To:/Subject:/references: etc.

3. Use a perl script to format all the mails into HTML, so that each has a link
   to preceding mails and replies (need ti build something like a dejanews
   tree structure...

4. Build a text-index of all mails with glimpse (or other similar tool)

5. generate all the HTML for the system

        1. Are there any existing perl modules that can assist me in
        formatting the emails to HTML? I should be able to create references
        to other simiarly stored/formatted messages, and to store
        non-ascii attachments as separate files, with proper links.

        2. Are there any good indexing modules in perl?

I had a look at CPAN, but could not offhand find anything that looks like
the ticket.



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Fri, 20 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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