looking for guttman scaling algorithm 
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 looking for guttman scaling algorithm

Hi, netlanders.

I am doing some research in which we want to compute guttman scale values
of some 70 variables.  I know that SAS has a procedure called "proc
guttman" but it allows me to include only 12 variables.  This is too
a restriction for us.  Thus, I am exploring the possibility of writing
a program using either c or perl that allows me to include more than
70 variables in computing the guttman scaling algorithm.  I'd like to
do it on my pc or on a unix computer.  If any of you have an algorithm
that computes guttman scale values for a large number of variables,
can you please share your algorithm with me?  If any of you have heard of
a book, a person, or a anonymous ftp site, or whatever, could you please
be kind enough to point me to the person, book, etc.  

Thanks a lot,


Sat, 04 Dec 1993 04:52:45 GMT  
 looking for guttman scaling algorithm

I suggest a book which provides an algorithm:

Peter Dunn Rankin:  Scaling Methods LEA, 1983.

I used it in implementing Guttman scale in APL.  I don't recall  that size
was an issue, in programming.  It's probably less so in Perl or C.


Sun, 05 Dec 1993 02:56:29 GMT  
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