and Linux (2.2 or greater) 
Author Message and Linux (2.2 or greater)

I haven't seen much posted about the ( expect lookalike ) in the
year or so.

Has anyone had any difficulty with open_proc( in ) under linux
2.2 or above?

The is version 1.8.

I have a script that worked fine under an old 2.0 kernel. It works fine
solaris.  Even the open_port works just fine.  It appears to be some
between what the pts is and what the thinks it is. Says rite off
the bat that
it is using Solaris minor numbers (doesn't sound too good there).


ptsname not found, using Solaris minor numbers
slave=/dev/pts/1282, ptsname(4)=/dev/pts/1282
system (pt_chmod 4)
could not open slave, /dev/pts258, errno=Permission denied at
/usr/local/COMM/ line 1342.

When I tried running it as root to at least find the next problem I got:

ptsname not found, using Solaris minor numbers^M
slave=/dev/pts/1282, ptsname(4)=/dev/pts/1282^M
system (pt_chmod 4)^M
stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device^M
getpty_svr4 returning (/dev/ptmx,/dev/pts258)^M
open_proc: mypid=10222, $PIDS{proccommutils000001} = 10228^M
 *main'proccommutils000001 = *Comm'proccommutils000001 ^M
 *main'proccommutils000002 = *Comm'proccommutils000002 ^M
open_proc returning: pty_handle=proccommutils000001 ^M
show -- before  after show comm^M^M
 err  match ^M
open_proc: mypid=10228, $PIDS{proccommutils000001} = 0^M
do_tty_child: ( proccommutils000002, /dev/pts258, /usr/local/bin/kermit
-B -l /dev/ttyS0 -b 38400 )^M
expect: checking pid 10228 ^M
expect: pid 10228 gone, returning EOF^M
 .. after con match is "" err "EOF" before "show comm^M^M

Any ideas?  Really would like an updated version of this useful module.
Thought there
was talk of a Chat::ipc or something.


Jim Ray

Sat, 15 Nov 2003 06:29:29 GMT  
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