capturing output of FILEHANDLE "| command" 
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 capturing output of FILEHANDLE "| command"


I have a little perl script that takes incoming mail, parses it up, and  
outputs some SQL code to sybase with pieces of the mail message in it.

open (DATABASE, "| $ISQL");
print DATABASE <<"HERE";
SQL code

This works great. only now the database is going to start giving me data  
back that I need to take and send back to the originator of the email  
message.  I am having a problem captuing that data back, and I was wondering  
if anyone out here could help.

open(DATABASE, "| $ISQL > /tmp/$0.$$"); seems to work, and I can{*filter*} 
around with the output file -- but I would rather not deal with a separate  

right thing for me

Does anyone else have any solutions? what I really want is to open another  
filehandle to the databases output, but it appears that this is impossible.  
I would prefer to do this without having to muck around with temp file.

Thanks! email would be appreciated.

Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:21:12 GMT  
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