Perl Book Author Signing at Powell's (Portland) April 10th 
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 Perl Book Author Signing at Powell's (Portland) April 10th

[I hate to do this myself, but Powell's doesn't have net access. :-]

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Powell's Technical Bookstore is hosting Randal Schwartz [me :-] at an
informal brown-bag chat and author signing party for the book
"Programming Perl", recently released by O'Reilly & Associates as part
of the Nutshell Handbook series (and already a runaway seller for a
niche book).

From the cover of the book:

        This is the authoritative guide to the hottest new UNIX
        utility in years, co-authored by the creator of that utility.

        Perl is a language for easily manipulating text, files and
        processes.  Perl provides a more concise and readable way to
        do many jobs that were formerly accomplished (with difficulty)
        by programming in the C language or one of the shells.  Even
        though Perl is not yet a standard part of UNIX, it is likely
        to be available at any UNIX site.  And if it isn't, users can
        get it and install it easily and free of charge.

The 440-page softcover book includes a Perl quick-reference card at no
additional cost.  Suggested retail price is $24.95.

The brown-bag begins at 11:30am on April 10th.  Food will be available
for purchase, or you can bring your own.  Door prizes include (ta-da!)
Perl T-Shirts.

Powell's Technical Bookstore is located at 33 NW Park, in downtown
Portland, Oregon (1/2 block north of Burnside on Park).  Phone is

[RSVP suggested, just to get a sense of response.  Thanks.]

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