www- why won't this work?! 
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 www- why won't this work?!

This is my theoretical mailing script... it takes a www form into perl and
is supposed to telnet to port 25 of my host and mail me a message, but it
doesn't work...  could someone tell me what's wrong with my code or how i
could do it easier?  


print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print "<TITLE>Left a Message for Jason Patterson</TITLE>\n";

print "<H1>Here's the message that has been sent to Jason:</h1>\n";

print "<ul>\n";

s/\+/ /g;

($name,$address,$reference,$message) = split("&",$_);

$name =~ /(.*)=(.*)/;
print "<li>Name:      $2\n";

$address =~ /(.*)=(.*)/;
print "<li>E-mail:    $2\n";

$reference =~ /(.*)=(.*)/;
print "<li>Reference: $2\n";

$message =~ /(.*)=(.*)/;


print "<li>Message:<p>\n\n$message\n";

$datestring = `date`;

open(OUTFILE,"| telnet dirac.scri.fsu.edu 25");

print OUTFILE "helo\n";
print OUTFILE "mail from: <$address>\n";

print OUTFILE "data\n";
print OUTFILE "$message\n\n";
print OUTFILE ".\n";
print OUTFILE "quit\n";

close OUTFILE;

print "</ul>\n";

print "<p><hr>\n";

print "<p><h2>Thank you for visiting the pages of Jason Patterson</h2><p>\n";


i hope someone out there can follow this... also, the message that the html
generates has a bunch of %20's and %0A, which I guess stand for spaces and
carriage returns...  any way i could get rid of all these?    thanks a lot.


 the nin home page is at www link: " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~patters/nin.html"
 "i'm stuck in this dream it's changing me i am becoming" - trent reznor - nin


Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:45:18 GMT  
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