suid mount wrapper 
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 suid mount wrapper

I'm looking for a tperl script that can be used as a wrapper
for "/etc/mount".  In other words, people want to be able to
mount cdrom's and floppy disks.

I'm sure 100 people have written this already, so rather
than re-invent the wheel.

The one feature I'm really looking for is something that will
get the hostname (in a taint-save way) so I can only let this
program run on certain machines.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.  Send me email and I'll post a summary.

"Oh! I thought it was one of those useless demos of everything that
    a GUI builder could do." -Anonymous person watching demo of
         Solaris 2.0's graphical tool for managing NIS+

Sat, 18 Feb 1995 01:00:23 GMT  
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