Plz help: Modifying server-side text files 
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 Plz help: Modifying server-side text files

Hello.  Im a n00b.

I am making a web page for a clan, which I am OK at, but I am very much a
n00b about CGI and perl.  I was hoping someone could help me out a bit :).

On the web page I have html documents and .txt documents.  I would like to
have a script that asks for a file name as input.  The script would find
that file and display its contents in a text box, which could then be would then have a button for submit or refresh, refresh
basically finding the same file, and re-displaying it in the text box, and
submit would basically save the changes to either the html or text document.

If someone knows of a script like this with instructions for how to
implement it that would be great, or if someone could create a script that
would be even better!  I would of course mention on the site that you are
the creator of the script and a link to your site or something like that.

If someone could do that Im sure my clan would be very happy :)

Thanks in advance,


Fri, 26 Mar 2004 00:38:53 GMT  
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