Include file1 at a particular point in file2 
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 Include file1 at a particular point in file2

   > I have this problem where I need to include file1 at a
   >particular point in file2, for example,
   >Let file1 be 10 lines long.
   >Let file2 be 50 lines long.
   >I want to include file1 at the 25th line of file2 (say), so that the
   >resulting file2 is 60 lines long, how do I go about doing it?

   open(FILE1, "<file1") || due "Can't open file1: $!\n";
   open(FILE2, "<file2") || die "Can't open file2: $!\n";
   open(OUTPUT, ">file2.tmp") || die "Can't open file2.tmp for output: $!\n";

   $line = 1;

   while (<FILE2>) {
       print OUTPUT;
       if ( $line++ == 25 ) {
           print OUTPUT <FILE1>;

   close(OUTPUT) || die "Couldn't close file2.tmp: $!\n";

   rename ("file2.tmp", "file2");

I'd expect you (Barry) to know that you can use $. ($NR,
$INPUT_LINE_NUMBER) instead, so it reads:

while (<FILE2>) {
        print OUTPUT;
        print OUTPUT <FILE1> if ($. == 25);



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