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 Email forms ---> Sybase PLEASE REPLY

We are in the early stages of a project that will probably
get ported to SYBASE; right now we are prototyping on a
single-user RDBMS, which will also be used to build a
front-end for the final project.

 One issue that I'd like to think about long before it
comes up in practice is that of email submissions.  We'd
like to have the capability for people at other labs to
submit data for our database and/or search requests via
email (as the ONE form of network communication likely
to be universally-available to our collaborators).

In the case of email data input, we'd like to have the
message (in some reasonable format) parsed, subjected
to some validation checks, then stashed in the database
with the booleans "public" and "approved" set to false
until the database administrators can check the new data.
In the case of email queries, we'd like the message
parsed into an SQL query.

We are thinking of writing some SYPERL scripts to do
this.  To simplify both data conversion and parsing, I
am thinking of using a tagged file format something
like this:

value\t\value\t\value\t\value\t\value\t\etc    <--1st record
value\t\value\t\value\t\value\t\value\t\etc    <--2nd record

Note that I am using \t\ to represent ASCII tab characters.

The idea here is that I don't want to make the order of
fields fixed because different data submitters out there
may have different local database formats.  I want something
that virtually any DBMS/spreadsheet/wordprocessor can easily

I envision using a PERL script that converts this into the
appropriate INSERT statements with table name taken
from the first line and column names taken from
the second line.  It would also be nice if some
validation could be done by the PERL script (of course
I'll have all sorts of triggers on the database to
maintain database integrity...), so that it could
generate an email reply either acknowledging or
rejecting submitted data.

But, before we reinvent the wheel, I'd like to hear
what may already be out there...

          Hypotheses non fingo; in ventum non mingo
          --Motto of the Occam Safety Razor Co.

Postdoc,Yale School of Medicine, Genetics & Medical Informatics,
SHM I-148, 333 Cedar St, New Haven, CT 06510

But I still haven't received any responses.  Can it be that I am
NOT reinventing the wheel and am entering terra incognita???

Sat, 19 Apr 1997 22:23:29 GMT  
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