I need help making Perl 5 manual (.pod->.tex->Postscript) 
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 I need help making Perl 5 manual (.pod->.tex->Postscript)

Disclaimer: My ignorance of TeX is exceeded only by my ignorance of early
            Mesopotamian literature!

We ran out of the Perl manuals that I got printed when Perl 5.000 was
released along with a postscript version of the manual.  I decided that it
would be nice to print the manual that came with 5.001e instead of the Perl
5.000 version, just on general principles.

Since we had an ancient version of TeX which I had failed to make work on
any of the FSF documentation, I got the TeX distribution and built a new
version of TeX and its associated pieces.  This process appeared to be
successful and allowed me to print various GNU documentation from the
texinfo sources without any problems.

Unfortunately, I failed miserably on the Perl manual.  I ran pod2latex
which produced a bunch of .tex files, one for each .pod file.  Trying to
run either "tex" or "latex" on, for instance, "perl.tex", I got error
messages like:
This is TeX, Version 3.1415 (C version 6.1) (format=lplain 95.6.1)  5 JUN 1995 1
LaTeX2e <1994/12/01>
! Undefined control sequence.
l.7 \section
! Emergency stop.
l.7 \section

I couldn't find anything in the Perl distribution or the FAQ that dealt
with how to make the manual.  I suppose there's an assumption that
knowledge of TeX is part of basic computer literacy.  Unfortunately my
ignorance of TeX along with the fact that it was I who built the TeX that
I'm trying to use, combine to make me unsure of whether the problem is with:

    1. the .pod->.tex conversion broke
    2. my installation of TeX is deficient
    3. The incanatation(s) I used to process the .tex files are wrong

The "perl.tex" file produced by "pod2latex" starts out with:
%{*filter*}document produced by pod2latex from "perl.pod".
% The followings need be defined in the preamble of this document:
%\def\C++{{\rm C\kern-.05em\raise.3ex\hbox{\footnotesize ++}}}
%\def\underscore{\leavevmode\kern.04em\vbox{\hrule width 0.4em height 0.3pt}}



The comments mention a "preamble" which should include the two "\def..."
lines and the "\set..." line.  Is a "preamble" some kind of standard
boilerplate or is it something I need to compose?  Am I supposed to
uncomment those lines as the first file in a list I feed to la?tex?  Is
there an explanation somewhere that I missed that explains how to do all
this?  We don't have any local TeX guru and I would rather not try to
become one, just to print the Perl manual.

Alternatively, is there a pre-postscripted Perl 5.001e manual?  I didn't
see one in any of the "usual places".

        pete peterson

        (508)287-7478; Home: (508)256-5829 (Chelmsford, MA)

Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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