setuid perl script questions 
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 setuid perl script questions

Hello all...

I'm having trouble getting suid perl scripts to work right.  I'm running on
a Sun w/ SunOS 4.1.3 without the suid script patch.  I set the uid bit on, and
running it gives me the normal message about either patching the kernal or running
with a c wrapper.  Since I can't patch the kernal, I have to use the c wrapper.
I tried using Larry's suidscript and also writing my own.  Now when I run the
compiled wrapper with the suid bit on, it gives me :

Can't run setuid script with taint checks.

I'm running the normal 'perl' executable, not 'taintperl'.  Is perl not compiled
correctly?  I can't get suid sybperl scripts to work correctly either.  I can't
get around this problem, so any help is greatly appreciated.  Please email me
any replies.  Thanks!


Tue, 28 Jan 1997 23:00:03 GMT  
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