open a piped command including stderr 
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 open a piped command including stderr

Hi Folks,

   I have been trying in vain to get a system() to run
when strerr is being piped.  What am I doing wrong?

On command line this works fine:

      command1 |& tee tee.file

In a system call, this works OK;

      system("command1 | tee tee.file");

Except strerr doesn't get logged to the file.

If I try this, it seems like command1 never executes;

      system("command1 |& tee tee.file");

I also tried;

      open(DATA, "command1 |");

With similar results.  How do I get perl to input from stdin
and stderr of another program?


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Fri, 09 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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