tkperl segmentation fault 
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 tkperl segmentation fault

I just can't seem to get tkperl5a4 up and running.

I first tried to follow the INSTALL instructions,
but make gave an error while compiling Tk.a, something

make: can't make target config

So I introduced an extra line with the label "config:"
in the Makefile, so that that section of it now reads:


        # Target for Static Loading:
        static: $(INSTALLSTATIC) $(INSTALLPM)

I did this so that Tk would be loaded statically. When I
did this, "make" and "make depend" ran perfectly in the
perl directory.

However, the example scripts in  ext/Tk/t/* all gave
segmentation faults. On using the Perl de{*filter*}, I found
the offending line:

[ earlier steps deleted ..]

main::(../ext/Tk/t/asyncreadtest:3):    $top = tkinit;
  DB<1> s

  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       local($top);
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       $display = $ENV{DISPLAY} unless $display;
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       die "no display argument and no DISPLAY in environment" unless $display;
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       ($name = $0) =~ s:^[^/]*/:: unless $name;
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       die 'no name set and $0 not appropriate' unless $name;
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       $top = init($name, $display, $sync);

  0     'grabcurrent'
  1     'grabrelease'
  2     'grab'
  3     'grabstatus'
  4     'tcleval'
  5     'tclevalfile'
  6     'tclcmd'
  7     'tkinit'
  8     'tkmainloop'
  9     'tkbind'
  10    'tkpack'
  11    'wm'
  12    'focus'
  13    'focusdefault'
  14    'after'
  15    'destroy'
  16    'lower'
  17    'raise'
  18    'waitvar'
  19    'waitvis'
  20    'waitwin'
  21    'update'
  22    'idletasks'
  23    'addasyncio'
  24    'delasyncio'
  25    'EvWref'
  26    'path'
  27    'optadd'
  28    'optclear'
  29    'optget'
  30    'optaddstring'

  0     'Button'
  1     'Entry'
  2     'Listbox'
  3     'Scrollbar'
  4     'Scale'
  5     'Menubutton'
  6     'Menu'

  0     'Exporter'
  1     'DynaLoader'
  DB<1> s
Tk::tkinit(       $top = init($name, $display, $sync);
  DB<1> s
Segmentation fault

I will be going over this much more carefully this weekend,
but could the fact that $sync is not defined (as shown by the
X command to the Perl De{*filter*}) have anything to do with the

Any help will be really appreciated.


Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:23:53 GMT  
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