A call to PERL wizards 
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 A call to PERL wizards


I'm trying to do something very basic with PERL ("newbie!", you say?--yes,
unfortunately...) and just can't seem to get it to work... Grrr....(and I
_am_ RTFM, ;)

Here are the steps that I need to perform:

1. Call a UNIX command (output is a single string containing a variable
number of formatted fields), and store the output in a variable.

$var = `Command`;

Caveat: 'Command' outputs info to two different stream, STDERR and STDOUT
(_why_, I don't know...).

The fields are: <PID#><1 or more character-codes>(<USERname>)

2. Break the white-space delimited fields and store in an array of
formatted fields.

3. Pull apart each field and interpret the character-codes. ('split' may
be correct here).

I appreciate any help you could send my way (direct to me, where
appropriate); it is mainly the first two steps that I can't seem to get
working correctly.


Script concocted/tested thus far:

$prog = `/sbin/basename $0`;
chop $prog;

if($count != 1) {
    print "usage: $prog <SystemDevice>\n";

print "Analyzing activity on device ", $ARGV[$#ARGV], "...\n";

open(STDOUT, ">>$$tmp") || die "Can't redirect STDOUT!";
open(STDERR, ">>$$tmp") || die "Can't redirect STDERR!";

system("fuser -cu $ARGV[$#ARGV]");


The file creation seems to work, but all attempts to read the contents of
a this file, break it and parse it have failed.

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Sat, 06 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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