Training ACL 5 ... But need something better. 
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 Training ACL 5 ... But need something better.


To minimize the image size of a Lisp executable I understand that I can
"train" my program to use the minimum amount of the 12MB DLL that otherwise
must be loaded/unloaded.

Even so, the "trained" DLL is multi-MB.

Okay, failing that, I have an idea that might work.  But that's all it is,
an idea.  I do not have the skill/knowledge to make it happen yet and I need
some pointers.


If I write data to file, shell out of the ?application? and call an EXE to
connect me to an already up-and-running ACL 5 EXE and load the
aforementioned file that would be one wobbly step.  The next would be for
the "OK" button on my ACL 5 form to write/append data to file for me and,
rather than exiting, give control back to shell's EXE, causing it to exit
and returning me back to the mother application.

Rude and crude, I know.  But it would speed up the shell/run/exit/return
cycle to an acceptable rate.  Some apps do not offer sockets or any other
means of direct input.  However, they normally read from file and many have
some form of macro language.


At present I'm a small-timer, and I have no delusions of ever being a Lisp
genius.  Much of what I want to do can be achieved with VB.  I realize that
Lisp is best for large projects, and that my contracts are tiny... at
present any way.  But things change, and fortune favors the prepared mind.
I'd rather spend the next few years using CLOS on "small" stuff and
preparing myself for larger projects.

I need some help with this "red-neck" approach to interconnectivity.  I hope
my question will inspire a productive solution, or an interesting, if not
scathing series of good laughs at my expense!  :)

Sat, 20 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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