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 Gwydion Dylan Release 2.3.5

[I realize that Dylan with it's infix syntax doesn't look very Lispish
at the first glance, but it's features, history and implementation
show a close relationship to Lisp. I'm posting here in the hope to
attract people who can contribute to this open-source project with
their knowledge of Lisp internals, theory and technology; and to show
that there are more good implementations of languages with the lambda

Release 2.3.5 of Gwydion Dylan

Gwydion Dylan is a free, open source implementation of the Dylan
language, running on a wide range of platforms . It features an
optimizing Dylan-to-C compiler written in Dylan, and a byte-code
interpreter written in C to bootstrap the compiler.

Gwydion Dylan was originally written by the Gwydion Group at CMU and
is now maintained by volunteers, known as the Gwydion Dylan Hackers.

This release increases speed of the generated code by about twenty
percent, while at the same time reducing code size. With limited
collections now working, the Sieve of Erathostenes in Dylan runs at
90% the speed of the C version.

More information can be found on the Gwydion Dylan Hackers web page at


The source code is available from:

although it is recommended that you install the binary distribution
for your platform:

If you cannot find your platform on that list, look if an older
version is available for your platform on the FTP server, and use that
to compile the current source. Otherwise, contact the maintainers at


  Documentation:     http://www.*-*-*.com/
  Mailing lists:     http://www.*-*-*.com/

  Newsgroup:         comp.lang.dylan

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