C header file to language-X transliterator? 
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 C header file to language-X transliterator?

Does anybody know of any programs that will transliterate ANSI C header files
(ie, ".h" files that declare --- but not define --- things) into other languages?
In order to invoke C procedures, and reference C variables, from another language
one typically needs to write some sort of "external declaration" to describe
those procedures and variables in the other language (assuming they can be
described at all in that language).  I'm looking for programs that take a
C header file as input and produce the required external declarations in any of a
variety of languages.  Note that I'm not asking for something that will
generate glue code that will transform the representations into something
more natural for the language in question; that's a harder problem.  Note
also that I'm not being picky about the language in which the transliterator
itself is written.

Please reply by mail to me; I don't follow all of these newsgroups.
I'll post a summary of the responses.

Mike Spreitzer

Tue, 30 Jul 1996 07:10:38 GMT  
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