Allegro 4.1/4.2 on sunos4.1.3 running sun automounter 
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 Allegro 4.1/4.2 on sunos4.1.3 running sun automounter

We are running allegro CL on SunOS4.1.3_U1 (rev a) with the
Sun automounter. Yep, you've already guessed what the question is!

Has anyone written a workaround to replace the "tmp-mnt-frobber"
function in the system package that actually uses the yp/automount
maps rather than a hard coded "hack" which simply strips away
parts of the directory-pathname (as suggested in franz's faq)?

Any approaches are of interest, running shell commands, lisp
functions or foreign functions.

I am currently attempting to resolve this problem by using a perl
script which does all the work (as I am not a particularly proficient
lisp programmer) but this is pretty inefficient and it has to be
called twice, not to mention the fact I haven't yet managed to
to get it to work when the function that modifies the path
is included in the file and the image is rebuilt. I think
this has something to do with my lisp programming so that the
calling function (which uses the list of functions in the *source-
file-frobbers* var) thinks that the pathname I create is different
to the pathname used in the call.

I would be interested in any attempts, results, suggestions whether
they are "I tried and failed" or "I managed it this way" so that
I have some idea of whether or not it is worth me trying. Could you
please email me your responses (and post them as well if you wish)
as I am currently very busy and find little opportunity to read news
at the moment.

Many thanks in advance for any comments you may have,

Mon, 03 Mar 1997 20:26:22 GMT  
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