CFP: META '95 at ECOOP '95 
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 CFP: META '95 at ECOOP '95

============================= META '95 =============================

                           Call For Papers

                       Workshop on Advances in
                 Metaobject Protocols and Reflection
                             at ECOOP '95

============================= META '95 =============================

The concepts  of  object-oriented metalevel architectures,  metaobject
protocols   and reflection have  provided  much  understanding to  the
design  and implementation of advanced object  support systems such as
operating systems,  programming languages and  database architectures.
The principle  of structuring complex software systems using metalevel
architectures becomes more  and  more  important with  the   advent of
adaptable and    extensible implementations in     the area of  system
software and similar application support software. Recent developments
indicate  that these concepts are  emerging from purely prototype sys-
tems into real production-level software.

To foster this process, a workshop will be  held at the Ninth European
Conference on  Object-Oriented  Programming  (ECOOP) in   August. This
workshop  will give researchers  and  practitioners the opportunity to
discuss and exchange ideas and results.

A non-exhaustive list of topics include:

        - The use of MOPs and reflection in object-oriented frameworks,
        - System software (OS and networks),
        - Adaptable and extensible application support software,
        - Application of MOPs and reflection in production-level software,
        - Object Support Systems,
        - Open implementations,
        - Reflection in autonomous agents,
        - Experiences with MOPs and reflection in existing applications.


Please send two  copies of your paper  to  the appropriate  chair (see
below).  Possible  contributions   include position  papers,  extended
abstracts (max.    2500  words,  preferred)  and   full-length  papers
(max. 6000  words). Instead of the paper  version, authors  can submit
their papers electronically  to  the stated  email addresses  as  well
(postscript only).

Important dates:

Deadline for paper submissions:         May 15, 1995
Notification of acceptance:             June 15, 1995
Final versions of papers due to:        July 15, 1995

European chair:

        Chris Zimmermann
        Department of Computer Science,
        Trinity College,
        Dublin 2,
        Tel: +353-1-608-1543
        FAX: +353-1-6772204

        (Asia and Europe)

American chair:

        Roy H. Campbell
        Department of Computer Science,
        Mail Room 2413
        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
        1304 W. Springfield Av. Urbana,
        IL 61801, USA
        Tel: +1-217-333-0215
        FAX: +1-217-333-3501

This call for papers and additional information about the workshop is
also available on the Web. The URL is:


DSG, ORI, Trinity College       |       Phone: +353-1-6081543
Dublin 2, Ireland               |       Fax:   +353-1-6772204
W3: http://www.*-*-*.com/

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