run-unix-program : question 
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 run-unix-program : question

I have the following lisp question. I am using lucid lisp and i would like to call
the function run-unix-program in order to externaly call the wn (word net) program.
The signature of the call is wn word -synsn. The command run-unix-program eccepts
arguments  as a string. When i type the string "word -synsn" when the call
is executed the space is substituted with a '_' (underscore character) and
as a result the call fails. Does any body know why this happens, any
suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I would be greatly obliged if you could email me directly possible answers since i am
not reading this group and I will summarizw and post if there is interest.
Thank you in advance.
Nick Koudas
University of Maryland,
College Park.

Wed, 01 Jan 1997 03:04:10 GMT  
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