CL-PDF: need beta testers for cl-pdf 1.0 
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 CL-PDF: need beta testers for cl-pdf 1.0

I've finally found some time to finish the version 1.0 of cl-pdf. (I was
really too busy to package and release the intermediate versions between the
last one (0.45) and this one.)

Lots of new things in this release: (from the change log)

13 December 2002:
   Added support for the various character sets and encodings
   Changed the font objects and all the font handling in the PDF files.

10 December 2002:
   Added Adobe Font Metrics files parsing

09 December 2002:
   Added ASDF and mk:defsystem files
   Converted the zlib compress FFI to UFFI

02 August 2002:
   Added very basic formatted text (centered, left, right) outputs
   Added some basic charts (histogram, pie chart, legend, axis)

10 June 2002:
   Added support for JPEG images
   Added oulines
   Added internal and URL links.

I will release it in a few days but before I would like it to be tested on
several implementations and OS.
So if you have some time to test it this WE, send me an email.



Wed, 01 Jun 2005 07:11:53 GMT  
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