Please recommend an ACL\PC 2.0 discount store 
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 Please recommend an ACL\PC 2.0 discount store

Dear Lispers,

I read in the FAQ that the Allegro Common Lisp for Windows 2.0 sells for $449
at some places. Unfortunately I wasn't able to track down any AI magazines
which supposedly contain the addresses of such software houses. Please send
me the address of such companies (their fax or email preferred to telephone
numbers). Without such discount it would be very difficult for us in Hungary
to buy this software, and the free CL implementations don't have the Windows
GUI support and the incremental compiler/de{*filter*} features of the ACL\PC that
we need. (Just FYI, the average salary of a qualified teacher at our
university is about $250 per month. :-( )

Please email me. Thank you for your kind help.

Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, Department of Telecommunications
Sztoczek u. 2., H-1111 Budapest, +36-1-204-1111 / 2093, fax: +36-1-166-5824

Wed, 16 Apr 1997 02:14:32 GMT  
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