cl-gtk for gtk+-1.2 
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 cl-gtk for gtk+-1.2

Included at the at the end of this post is a patch for Gilbert
Baumann's cl-gtk-1999-01-19
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~unk6/export/cl-gtk-1999-01-19.tar.gz ) to
make it work with gtk+-1.2.

Expect lots of warnings during make. (I believe that this is because
the original is not quite complete wrt gtk+-1.1.) At the very least
the demos should work though.

Note that this is a quick & dirty patch: I have blindly followed gtk's
ChangeLog file. CMUCL and CLISP users may be better off with

Mail me if you have problems with this patch. I tested it with


PS. I've also minimally updated CLM-2.3 to work with recent (>=5.0)
versions of ACL. As soon as I find some ftp area, I'll put it
there. In the meantime, contact me if you're interested. Since
Fernando D. Mato Mira is rumored to work on CLM-2.4, this is meant
only as a temporary thing.

diff -Naur cl-gtk-1999-01-19/Makefile cl-gtk-2000-03-08/Makefile
--- cl-gtk-1999-01-19/Makefile  Tue Jan 19 05:17:56 1999

 # FAS=fas

 ## Allegro Lisp
-# FAS=fasl

 # LISPTYPE=cmucl
diff -Naur cl-gtk-1999-01-19/c-glue/gtkd.c cl-gtk-2000-03-08/c-glue/gtkd.c
--- cl-gtk-1999-01-19/c-glue/gtkd.c     Tue Jan 19 05:17:56 1999

 #include <stdio.h>
 #include <stdlib.h>
 #include <assert.h>
+#include <errno.h>
 #include <sys/socket.h>
 #include <netinet/in.h>

diff -Naur cl-gtk-1999-01-19/defs/gb.defs cl-gtk-2000-03-08/defs/gb.defs
--- cl-gtk-1999-01-19/defs/gb.defs      Tue Jan 19 05:17:56 1999

 (define-func gb_object_unhash none ((GtkObject object)))

 (define-func gtk_signal_connect_full uint
   ((GtkObject object)

 (define-func gtk_ctree_set_show_stub
   ((GtkCTree ctree)
-   (bool show_stub)))
+   (gboolean show_stub)))

 (define-func gtk_ctree_set_line_style

 ;; deprecated

 (define-func gtk_ctree_show_stub
   ((GtkCTree ctree)
    (bool show_stub)))

 (define-func gtk_ctree_set_reorderable
   ((GtkCTree ctree)
    (bool reorderable)))

-(define-func gtk_ctree_set_use_drag_icons
+(define-func gtk_clist_set_use_drag_icons ;;?
-  ((GtkCTree ctree)
-   (bool use_icons)))
+  ((GtkCList ctree)
+   (gboolean use_icons)))

 ;;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;; /usr/local/include/gtk/gtkprogressbar.h
diff -Naur cl-gtk-1999-01-19/defs/gtk-1.1.defs cl-gtk-2000-03-08/defs/gtk-1.1.defs
--- cl-gtk-1999-01-19/defs/gtk-1.1.defs Tue Jan 19 05:17:56 1999

   ((GtkContainer container)))

 (define-func gtk_container_block_resize

 (define-func gtk_container_need_resize
   ((GtkContainer container)))

 (define-func gtk_container_foreach_interp

 ;; (define-func gtk_clist_new_with_titles)
 ;; (define-func gtk_clist_construct)

-(define-func gtk_clist_set_border
+(define-func gtk_clist_set_shadow_type
  ((GtkCList clist)
   (GtkShadowType border)))
diff -Naur cl-gtk-1999-01-19/gluer/gluer.lisp cl-gtk-2000-03-08/gluer/gluer.lisp
--- cl-gtk-1999-01-19/gluer/gluer.lisp  Tue Jan 19 05:17:57 1999

       (|int8|    . |int|)

       (|gboolean| . |bool|)
       (|gfloat|  . |float|)
       (|gdouble| . |double|)
       (|XID|     . |uint|)))

Tue, 27 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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